Light Fantastic

Light Fantastic



Classroom Visitors

Monthly visitors to the Explorers class enhance the themes and concepts children are learning during that week (i.e safety, farm animals, community, etc.). 

 Insect Lab

Insect Lab

A sample of possible class visitors:

  • Fire Fighters & Engine Visit

  • Petting Farm

  • Insect Lab

  • Light Fantastic

Field Trips

The Pre-K kids are ready for some adventures outside of school and the monthly field trips provide them with an opportunity to expand their learning experience.

 Webb Ranch

Webb Ranch

A sample of possible field trips:

  • Peninsula Gymnastics

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Stulsaft Park

  • Hidden Villa

  • Trader Joe's

All School Family Events

SPNS hosts several family events during the course of the year - a Fall Family Picnic, December's Merrymaking & Sing, and the Spring Fling are festive ways we celebrate the seasons together.