We are a small non-profit, parent participation, play-based preschool where children, parents and teachers are fully involved in an interactive process of learning. 


Our Mission


Learning through Play

Play is the work of children and it is through play that children learn and make sense of the world. Our preschool provides a rich, hands-on learning environment fostering the whole child -intellectually, physically, socially and emotionally. 

Foundation for school success

SPNS provides large indoor and outdoor spaces, complete with age-appropriate equipment so that children can get down to the business of play. Each class' developmentally appropriate curriculum and daily schedule is designed so that children have freedom to explore and practice skills as well as participate in teacher-guided group activities. SPNS has successfully prepared children for admission to kindergarten for over forty years.

Parent Participation

                                              Nursery schools like ours are founded on the principle that the best education results from an interactive partnership of parents, teachers, and children. An engaged parent lays a strong foundation for their child’s academic development. Through its affiliation with Sequoia District Adult Education, SPNS provides parent education by way of teacher-facilitated discussion based on parents' observations and topics such as temperament, child growth and development, effective communication, handling transitions, etc.



Co-op & community

                                               We are a non-profit, cooperative school run by a parent Board of Directors. The school fosters kinship between member families by providing social opportunities throughout the year, including a family picnic, winter celebration, spring fling, camping trip and parents' nights out - altogether SPNS families have a wonderful time together and build friendships which can - in our experience - last a lifetime.